Advanced Full Body Health Check Up

Advanced Full Body Health Check Up


Routine Annual Full Body Checkup is necessary for all individuals to assess general health.It helps to identify and treat any disease at an early stage. Doctor guides patients about living a healthy life and educate them to avoid dangerous bad habits such as alcoholism, tobacco smoking, inactivity.

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Regular health checkup should be done to live long in a healthy body. Health checkup helps in early diagnosis and prompt treatment.
Prevention is better than treating disease. That is why it is important to do regular checkups.
Regularly assessing your risk factors for various medical conditions and getting screened for various diseases and evaluating your lifestyle habits can help you stay healthy by reducing your risk of chronic or life-threatening diseases.
If you are below 50 years and in good health then health checkup once in 3 years,
Once a year after the age of 50 years.
If you have a chronic disease, such as diabetes or COPD, you should have checkups as recommended by your doctor, regardless of your age.


Package Includes :

  1. Bilirubin Total
  2. Bilirubin Direct
  3. Bilirubin Indirect
  4. AST (SGOT)
  5. ALT (SGPT)
  6. GGPT
  7. Alkaline Phosphates
  8. Albumin
  9. A:G Ratio
  10. Urea
  11. Creatinine
  12. Uric Acid
  13. Total Protein
  14. Calcium, Total
  15. Phosphorus
  16. Sodium
  17. Potassium
  18. Chloride
  19. T3, Total
  20. T4, Total
  21. TSH
  22. Cholesterol, Total
  23. Triglycerides
  24. HDL Cholesterol
  25. LDL Cholesterol, Calculated
  26. VLDL Cholesterol, Calculated
  27. Hemoglobin
  28. Packed cell Volume(PCV)
  29. RBC Count
  30. MCV
  31. MCH
  32. MCHC
  33. Red Cell Distribution Width(RDW)
  34. Total Leukocyte Count(TLC)
  35. Differential Leucocyte Count(DLC)
  36. Absolute Leucocyte Count
  37. Platelet Count
  38. ESR
  39. Glucose(Fasting/Random)
  40. Urine For R/E, M/E
  41. ECG


  • Clinical Examination
  • Medical Summary
  • Physician Consultation
  • Diet Counselling
  • Lifestyle modification

Estimated Time

48 – 72 Hours

Sample Required